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DUI/DWI Services

Have you been arrested for a DUI or DWI? Have you been charged with CDS possession or paraphernalia? If you have been to court and have been ordered by the judge to attend Alcohol or Substance Abuse Education and/or treatment,then we have the classes you need to fulfill this requirement.

Utopia Health Center is a State of Maryland Certified Substance Treatment Facility offering a broad range of educational and treatment services in a safe non-judgemental environment.


DUI/DWI Education

After receiving a DUI/DWI people will need to attend either treatment or education. It is best to get an assessment and start either treatment or education before going to court. As attorneys will most likely tell you, judges look favorably on taking personal responsibility and having a professional assessment.

Utopia Health Center is State of Maryland Certified to offer DWI/DUI education as required by judges and the Maryland MVA. The first step is to call to schedule an assessment. to see which education program meets your needs. We offer weekend, 6 week, 12 week and 26 week sessions. 

Weekend Alcohol and Marijuana Education Program

Sessions run once a month from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Call to see when you can attend next.

Persons who have already been convicted of a DUI/DWI AND have been court-ordered to complete a DUI/DWI program are NOT able to attend a weekend program and would attend our six-week class instead (in accordance with COMAR


12 hr and 26 hr Education Program

Utopia Health Center offers State of Maryland certified brief education and treatment programs. Clients will learn about the effects of alcohol or marijuana on their life, their brain, driving, family, and the law. It includes all of the DUI/DWI education program topics. The first step to see which program meets your needs by completing a mandatory assessment. 



How do I know which program I can attend?

The results of the alcohol assessment will determine if you are considered an alcohol abuser or alcohol dependent. If you are identified as either an alcohol abuser or alcohol dependent you will be required to successfully complete the longer, 26-week Alcohol Treatment Program, which incorporates the 12-hour AEP curriculum.

If you are not identified as either an alcohol abuser or alcohol dependent, you will be required to successfully complete only one 12-Hour AEP.  

What should I expect during the sessions?

The DUI/DWI programs are comprised of comprehensive curriculum that includes moral recognition therapy, motivational interviewing, interactive discussions, peer teaching, and personal reflection.  Course content is inspired by evidence-based research. 

Our nonjudgmental approach helps move people toward reducing high-risk behaviors and making a personal commitment to change..

How do I pay for the sessions?

Because most insurance companies do not usually reimburse for education classes, this is generally an out of pocket expense; however the assessment portion may be covered. (please speak to your carrier to obtain specifics) Because we understand the financial responsibilities and possible hardship, we have enabled the program to be paid either upfront in totality or broken down into payments due before each session. (please see the registration link for session fees)

What if I more intensive help?

Utopia Health Center is a licensed in the State of Maryland  Substance Abuse Facility with experienced clinicians offering services ranging from group therapy all the way up to Intensive Outpatient Treatment